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PMP Certification Training Course in Moscow

Author: Liam James Published on: Monday Jul 26, 2021
PMP Certification Training Course in Moscow, Russia

PMP certification in Moscow, Russia is easy and possible thanks to the modern courses we offer. The format of the training is focused on the easy learning of the information by each candidate for a certificate. Read the full article to find answers to all your questions.

What is the best PMP Certification Training Course in Moscow?

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This 5-Day PMP Certification Training Course in Moscow is designed for project managers and professionals to develop their management skills.

You can choose to focus on any 3 processes: Initiating, Planning, or Executing. Only the training hours dedicated to a process count as credit towards the certification exam. We recommend choosing at least 2/3 processes you want to emphasize during the training course. Reference:

The 5-day PMP® seminar provides you with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This means you will get current information about all aspects of managing projects – regardless if it is your first time attending this type of training, or if you have years of experience under your belt.

Which Processes are included during the training course?

During the seminar, you will get a deep understanding of all five processes and receive plenty of opportunities to practice them in realistic group exercises.

During the training course, at least 3 (three) out of 5 processes must be part of your project management plan for the certification exam.

This means that only the hours dedicated to these three chosen processes count toward certification credit hours towards your PMP® Certification after passing the exam. Read more: 18 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2022

For example, you choose 80 hrs for Planning, 20 hours for Monitoring & Controlling, and 15 hours for Closing from the total of 150 hrs required to pass the examination.

Preparing for the exam

The course is presented by a Certified Project Management Professional, who can guide you to pass the examination on the first attempt.

PMI has an admission policy of "No Re-takes"; this means that if a student fails an exam even once, he or she will not be eligible to retake it. PMI does not provide any grantee for passing the exam; however, students have passed their exams with the highest grades in recent years; some of them had failed their exam before and it was only their second try and they passed with great scores.

To better prepare for the certification exam, study materials are provided during class time that includes several sample exams from PMI®.

PMP Certification Training Course Overview/Description

In Moscow, this course is intended for project managers and team leaders with 5-7 years of experience in the field who are interested in certification as a means to progress further in their careers.

This course has been designed by the trainer, with 12 years of experience working on large government and commercial projects within Russia.

It takes into account the best international methodology, standards, practices, and requirements that will allow participants to successfully pass PMI's Project Management Professional Exam at the first attempt. The training materials used to cover all aspects of Project Management including Planning, Scheduling, Time and Cost Control, Quality Management, etc;

The course is taught by an instructor who has gained his experience working on large government and commercial projects in Russia, ensuring you are receiving the best quality training available.

Knowledge, tools, and techniques

This project management certification course will give you all of the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to become a certified PMP® professional. You will gain essential practical skills for managing any project at any level using internationally recognized methods.

It has been designed to prepare participants for success on their Project Management Professional (PMP®) ® Certification Exam from PMI® as well as being prepared for work involving planning, estimating, scheduling, and controlling resources.

What is PMP?

PMP is an acronym for Project Management Professional. PMP certification program is designed to help project managers in their careers and drive a high-performance management system into the organizations where they work.

The PMP credential proves to your employers that you have both the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively handle many different roles related to project management. It also allows you to use and display the coveted PMI Registered in Leadership Position (RPL) logo, which signifies your senior-level status as a respected and experienced project manager at any organization around the world.

To become a PMP, it is not enough just to be educated on how projects are supposed to be run or keep yourself updated with constant training because there are simply too many tools available out there today.

What is PMI?

PMI stands for Project Management Institute which is an international project management association that draws its membership from over 170 countries worldwide. It was founded in 1969 and since then, it has been the leading source of knowledge about best practices in the field of project management, certification programs, and training courses on many vital areas related to projects such as:

  • Risk and uncertainty in planning and managing a project
  • How to set up successful environments where teams can work together effectively
  • Achieving strategic business objectives
  • Adapting to new technologies while meeting critical deadlines
  • And much more.

How is the PMP exam conducted?

The exam duration is 4 hours and the number of questions varies from 200 to 265.

A candidate needs 60% to pass the PMP certification exam.

A candidate needs to practice the examination before appearing for the exam as it will give him/her an idea about how much time one could allocate for each question based on his/her speed and accuracy.

Sample exams

The sample exams provided by Project Management Institute must be practiced so that a person gets accustomed to this format. Practicing sample tests help the candidates understand what he should expect during the certification exam. There are several ways to practice for PMP examination, some of them are:

  • Taking training course
  • Reading reference books
  • Taking an online test

Who are the PMP course instructors?

All of our instructors are highly experienced and certified project managers. They have all successfully passed the PMP exam in different countries and possess practical experience of at least 5 years' duration.

A wide range of subjects related to managing projects successfully is included in our training course: from general project management methodology, personal time management skills, handling interpersonal relations, effective communications to project risk analysis techniques.

A full-time instructor will take care of your theoretical part. A part-time instructor will organize a subject practice seminar and/or hand out assignments. Meetings with an instructor take place during every study period (1 or 2 days per 7-8 week session). You get plenty of opportunities to ask questions directly while following the lectures or listening to recorded materials.

What's the PMP certification cost in Moscow?

PMP certification in Moscow is very popular. In Moscow, the PMP exam cost is about $650, and it includes the training course, exams, and certificate.

But you still have to pay some part of that sum. It's the registration fee, which is equal to $300. On average it costs about $400-$500, depending on your location in Moscow and the PMP training course provider you choose.

There are many PMP certification exam prep courses in Moscow, even if they officially disagreed that a one-day seminar could prepare someone for such an important exam (in my opinion one-day seminar is just not enough).

The cheapest cost

The cheapest cost is around $100-$150 while the most expensive can reach up to $2000 or more. So watch out for what program you will buy – make sure it includes all necessary learning content and practice exams.

Where can I study PMP in Moscow?

There are a lot of offers. You will find there PMP training courses in Russian, English, German, and even Chinese. PMP training cost is pretty high (around $1500) if you don't have a discount voucher, get one outside from Russia.

There are many online course updates for people who need to get the certificate before some deadlines. Some of them give free promo codes for discounts like PMStudyandpass. In general, the official price for one day workshop with 50 question exam after is 1500$, which includes all materials.

This price can be reduced depending on the special offer you found and your manager's mood.

Can I work as a Project Manager in Russia?

Yes, of course. As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for managing client projects. You'll plan and coordinate the project's schedule, budget goals as well as determine how to complete the tasks that are required to meet your client's needs properly.

As a Project Manager, you will have to compile budgets and write business proposals for new jobs so make sure to get comfortable with both of these things before applying for a job online. In addition, since Russian companies tend to pay late or not at all, try to avoid working for government-based businesses since they tend to be the most delayed about paying their employees.

What's the time needed to get a PMP certificate?

To get certified Project Management Professional (PMP) one must pass the PMP exam.

The question that usually comes up in people's minds is: " How much time will it take for me to prepare for this exam, what is a rough estimate of how many hours I need to study to be ready?"

According to the PMP Body of Knowledge (BOK) Part 1 and 2, you must have at least 35 hours of project management education, training, and experience before taking the exam. The questions on the exam are based on these BOK.

So, even if you have 5 years of project management experience you will still have 30 hours left before you can start preparing for this exam! 

The first thing you need to do is select a good PMP study guide and read it. 

Most people will tell their friends that they started to study the night before the exam, or maybe a few days before the exam, assuming that they will pass without reading any book at all. I say this because in my experience most of them failed miserably.

If you sign up for an exam within 1 month of passing your PMP certification, there is no way you can pass unless you are very lucky "Someone" passed with incorrect answers on his last test (note: don't rely on this). Why? Because when we are tired of work we tend to make mistakes while studying and have more fun with it!

When you study most books, for example, Rita's PMP Certification Handbook, it takes one week (or less) of intensive reading and re-reading the material from beginning to end to be able to pass a test while being on the job.

Yes, getting a PMP certificate is not easy at all, you have to spend time and money, but if you are determined enough and don't give up easily in life then nothing can stop you. I hope there will not be anyone who says "I just read 100 pages of 'XYZ' book last night before bedtime". It does not work that way! You must start studying as soon as possible.


This 5-Day PMP Certification Training in Moscow is a project management course for professionals to improve their skills through any 3 out of the four processes: Initiating, Planning, or Executing.

You can select any three out of the four sections - Initiating, Planning, or Executing. It will only count as one hour towards your certification study hours if you select one process and two hours if you choose all three specific sections.

The 5-day PMP® seminar not only provides theoretical knowledge but also practical skills in project management across different roles and contexts.

During this seminar, you will learn about all of the processes and be given plenty of opportunities to practice them.

You can earn up to 12 credit hours in the certification exam if your project management plan includes at least three of the five required processes.

PMI has an admission policy of "No Retakes" meaning that if a student fails an exam, he or she will not be eligible to retake it.

A PMI grant is available when students pass their exams and some recent students who had failed before did so on their second try with the highest grades.

During class time, sample exams from PMI® are offered to prepare for certification by studying in your free time as well.

We have designed this course with government and business experience for project managers looking to move up in their careers.

The course will cover both domestic and international requirements for PMI Project Management certification.

The instructor has gained 12 years of professional experience in Moscow, Russia.

Be part of over 500,000 professional project managers – a course in this PMP® certification will equip you with all the tools needed to advance your skills as well.

The PMP credential shows employers that you have the knowledge and background necessary to handle a variety of different project management roles.

Becoming a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) is not enough to run the best possible project on the market. 

 All of our instructors are project management professionals and have successfully passed the PMP exam. They've all been in a similar position for at least five years as well.

A full-time instructor will handle all the theoretical lectures for you, while a part-time instructor will organize a subject practice seminar or assign some readings.

There are a variety of PMP certification exam prep courses in Moscow. The cheapest course is around $100-$150 while the most expensive can reach up to $2000 or more. However, it is important to watch for what program you will buy - make sure that it includes all necessary learning content and practice exams.

The official cost for one day workshop with an exam is $1500, which includes all materials. The price can be reduced if you find a special offer or your manager is feeling generous.

As a project manager, you will be responsible for managing client projects. You'll coordinate the schedule and budgets of each project to ensure that your clients have what they need in a timely fashion.

It is not always easy to obtain a PMP certificate, but if you are determined enough and know how to greet life's challenges then nothing can stop you.

For Juniors

This course is for professionals to learn more about project management. It takes 5 days and covers the three processes of Initiating, Planning, and Executing.

You can pick any three out of the four sections. It will only count as one hour if you pick one process or two hours if you pick all three.

If a project management plan includes at least three of the five required processes, then you can earn up to 12 credit hours.

If you fail an exam, you won't be able to retake it. If you pass your exam on the second try, PMI might give you a grant. You can take time to study in class and outside of class for free. Free sample exams are available and there is no cost when studying in your free time too.

The PMP credential shows employers that you know how to do different jobs in project management.

All of our instructors have a project management certificate. They have worked in this position for at least five years, and they are professionals. If you take the class full-time, your instructor will teach you everything about it. If you take the class part-time, your instructor will organize a seminar or assign some reading for you to do.

There are a lot of courses to help you prepare for your PMP certification exam in Moscow. There are cheap ones that cost $100-$150 and more expensive ones that can reach up to $2000 or more.

You will be a manager for client projects. You are in charge of the schedule and budgets for each project. You need to make sure the clients get what they need, on time.

If you are determined and know how to face life's challenges, then nothing can stop you from getting a PMP certificate.

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  1. Lucas Bernard
    Hello! I want to ask if the price of BVOP is really what I see on their website. Is that the whole price? Can you share details? thanks
  2. PM.MBA
    Dear Mr. Bernard, The price you see on the website is the whole price. You probably think it's low, but that's because you're comparing it to other certification bodies. If you have any other questions, feel free to email BVOP directly.
  3. Vladislav Fedorov
    When will there be a new study group? Is the course in Russian? What is the fee?
  4. PM.MBA
    Dear Vladislav, In the article we mention the BVOP project management certification program. The certification body offers free self-training for its candidates. You can find preparation materials on their website. The price is $130, which includes the certification exam and document.
  5. Ekaterina Zakharova
    I am looking for the BVOP textbook in Russian. Can someone upload it online? If the original is free, why isn't the translated version, if there is one.
  6. PM.MBA
    Hardly anyone can translate the entire BVOP Guide into your native language. The limited number of people who know Russian perfectly is also a problem.
  7. Mikhail Petrov
    I just made it :) Google Translate did a great job. I've been reading since morning until now. I don't see any problems with the text at all.
  8. L.Z.
    Can you put me in touch with the person who translated the textbooks into Russian. I would be very happy to have them too.
  9. Михаил Сидоров
    Do PMIs still offer PMP courses in Russia? I'm worried if they imposed any sanctions because of the military situation.
  10. Михаил Сидоров
    Предлагают ли ФМИ курсы PMP в России? Меня беспокоит, не введут ли они какие-либо санкции из-за военной ситуации.
  11. PM.MBA
    Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question for you, as we do not know either. Please contact PMI directly and ask them. К сожалению, мы не можем ответить вам на этот вопрос, так как тоже не знаем. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с PMI напрямую и спросите их.
  12. Liam James
    For all those who are worried about restrictions in Russia, I want to inform that does not in any way restrict users from Moksva and all of Russia. Для всех, кого беспокоят ограничения в России, хочу сообщить, что никоим образом не ограничивает пользователей из Моксвы и всей России.
  13. Nikolai Zabolotny
    I'm trying to register on the BVOP website but I can't. Dahlias have introduced restrictions anyway.
  14. PM.MBA
    As far as we can research and share up-to-date information, you should not have any restrictions for PMP certification training course in Moscow. You should also use the BVOP website without any restrictions.
  15. Nikolay Petrovich Ivanov
    Hi, Can you tell me what are the top PMP certification training courses available in Moscow, and how they can benefit aspiring project managers who are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge? I'm particularly interested to know if there are any specific courses that offer a comprehensive curriculum covering project management methodologies, tools, and techniques, as well as exam preparation for the PMP certification exam. Also, what are the prerequisites for enrolling in these courses, and how long do they typically take to complete? Furthermore, I would like to know what the key advantages of obtaining a PMP certification are and how it can help professionals advance their careers in the competitive field of project management in Moscow. Are there any local institutions or organizations in Moscow that offer PMP certification training, and how do they compare in terms of cost, quality, and reputation? Lastly, I'm interested in learning some tips for preparing and passing the PMP certification exam for those looking to enroll in a training course in Moscow. Thank you in advance for your valuable insights!
  16. PM.MBA
    In Moscow, you can explore PMP certification training from providers like Global Knowledge, PM Expert, and Simplilearn. PMP certification enhances your project management skills, job prospects, and earning potential. Prerequisites include education and experience, with training courses lasting about 4-6 weeks. Local options exist, including universities and associations. When choosing, consider factors like cost, course content, and reputation. For success in the PMP exam, study diligently, use official materials, and manage your time wisely. PMP certification opens doors to a rewarding career in project management. Good luck!
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